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Rustic, Metal, Maine Lobster Ornament 

Rustic, Steel, Maine Lobster Ornament with
"The Way Life Should Be" Cut Down the Spine. Durable and meant to last a lifetime.

  • "Boiled Lobster Red" color, Rustic, Durable Ornament.
  • Show off your love of Maine & our Lobsters every holiday.
  • ​When you think of Maine - you think of Lobsters :)

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The Maine (also called the American Lobster) lobster (Homarus americanus) is a species of lobster found on the North Atlantic coast of North America. It can reach a body length of 25 in, & a mass of over 20 kilograms (44 lb), making it not only the heaviest crustacean in the world, but also the heaviest of all living arthropod species.

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